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Bag Charms Put a Lasting Spell on Us!

31 Weeks Ago
When Karl Lagerfeld introduced us to his fuzzy likeness, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the Karlito. Fashion can’t seem to break the spell! It is after all a cool way to make an It bag your own, and render it in your style.

Loewe, Loewe barrel bag, Chloe, Chloe bag, Stella McCartney fur keychain

Loewe braided shoulder strap. Stella McCartney fur free fur cat keychain

We’ve got our hands on Stella McCartney’s winking, Bowie-inspired bag bugs. Valentino, which promises to brighten our bags with studded, leather-collaged parrots and pineapples.

Valentino, Valentino bag, Valentino guitar strap. Loewe bag, Loewe knot keyring

Valentino geometric embroidered guitar strap. Loewe braided strap and knot keyring

Loewe’s charms go a step further and add function to fun! Tack on their elephant-shaped coin purses to your everyday bags, or experiment with their Meccano pins, which double as brooches.

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Valentino studded leather keychain, Stella McCartney fur free fur bag charm. Loewe Meccano pins

You can pretty much give your bag a makeover, with Loewe’s knotted-leather shoulder strap, or Valentino’s embroidered guitar-strap which livens up any old neutral number.  

Balenciaga, Balenciaga bag, Stella McCartney, Stella McCartney bag, Valentino keychain. Stella McCartney bag charm

Valentino studded leather keychain. Stella McCartney fur free fur bag charm

Need a more-dash-than-cash alternative? Snap up pompom keychains by Joli.

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Joli pompom keychains

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