Aishwarya Nair Mathew on All Things ALIGNE

1 year ago

Aishwarya Nair Mathew wears many hats. She’s a food and wine consultant, founder of Amai healthy treats, and now a freshly minted designer. With ALIGNE, her new label, she’s committed to elevating basics.


Ahead of ALIGNE’s showcase at our Colaba store, we caught up with the multi-hyphenate designer. She’ll field all your burning questions this Saturday (February 2) at Le Mill – catch her in person, as you browse her new line!

Aligne, Aishwarya Nair Mathew
Aishwarya Nair Mathew

How and when did you decide to launch ALIGNE?

“ALIGNE came to me through divine intervention, I was really looking for an inspired way to channel my abundant artistic energy. With ALIGNE, on our website, I get to discuss interesting topics. Whereas, with the retail line I get to unfold my creativity through design, looking at form and function. I wanted to create a design house built on the principles of elevated essentials that last, through seasons.”


What was the central idea?

“Our focus is to understand the way women [spend their time] and help make their wardrobe decisions easier. [In the course of this, we’re featuring] beauty and wellness products on our ecommerce platform ALIGNE exists to empower the modern woman’s life through design – that’s our key purpose.”

Can you elaborate on the Elemental collection – the theme and fabrics employed?

“Elemental Volume 1, our first collection, is a capsule of simple silhouettes. In this collection we’ve used cotton satin for its comfort and breathability. Silk and crepe silk are used for their lush feel and flow. The collection comprises of a clean, minimal style that transitions seamlessly from day to night and season to season.”


What were the challenges you faced in entering a new field? And what was the advice you received from your friends who are designers?

“Starting a new business in fashion is always an enormous task. You are competing with big players and a large market with very varied sense of style. My initial challenges were labour cost, outsourcing manufacturing and premium fabric sourcing.


Many of my designer friends advised me to be bold, go with my gut, be patient and most importantly understand my target consumer. Some also told me that it wouldn’t be all hunky dory, so I should brace myself for disappointment. But I’m glad ALIGNE has been received very well so far.


Can you give us a glimpse of your mood board?

 Aligne, Aishwarya Nair Mathew, Moodboard

Catch ALIGNE and Aishwarya Nair Mathew at Le Mill, on February 2, Saturday, between 11am and 7pm