All Things Healthy at Le Mill

1 year ago

Every new year starts the same! First there’s debauchery, which is promptly followed by a fervent resolve to eat right, get fit, tone up (not necessarily in that order).


Mid-year seems a good time to revisit those goals. (Especially since April 7 is World Health Day!) We’re dedicating this month to eating right too. Starting with All Things Healthy, a pop-up that brings together boutique brands dishing out sin-free treats. You’ll want to swing by our Colaba store on April 13 for this unmissable event!


Get to know what’s in store…

Break Of Dawn
The idea for this brand was born when Pardita Mascarenhas (the founder) turned vegan almost four years ago. “I always regarded breakfast as the most important meal of the day. I personally faced issues when I didn’t know what to eat or drink at dawn. I could empathize with so many vegans or those transitioning to a dairy-free lifestyle, at the dearth of availability of vegan food and beverages.” Today, her artisanal brand makes nut milk in various flavours and delivers it right to your doorstep at the break of dawn!

Cinnamon Kitchen
When Priyasha Saluja of Cinnamon Kitchen moved to Mumbai, juggling a hectic job with a healthy lifestyle became even harder to do. “I tried to stick to name-sake healthy store bought ready to eat food such as peanut butters, cookies, smoothies etc for snacking but soon realised that these products had tonnes of preservatives and added sugar to increase their shelf life and keep them commercially viable.” That’s when Cinnamon Kitchen came about – making food that is as good as home-made, and preservative-free.

La Frux
As an investment banker with an on-the-go lifestyle, Varun Harwani was always on lookout for healthy snacking options. “I came across almond butter when I was working in NY and since then this nutty spread has been an ever present on my office desk.” He finds many inventive uses for it too. “Sometimes it’s part of my breakfast, my salad; sometimes a spoon or two along with my late afternoon coffee; sometimes post dinner while working late nights.” If you’re looking to eat clean, follow his rule of thumb: “If there is anything on the ingredient list that I am not aware of, I don’t buy it.”

Shailaja Sharma suffered from a weak gut for several years before kombuchas and fermented foods came to her rescue. She swears by these natural probiotics, and you will too! “To me, eating healthy means relying more on natural and plant-based foods and foods that have functionality beyond just taste. They help me feel energised, fit and focused. I favour foods that help restore the gut flora and are low in sugar, salt and artificial preservatives. I lead a vegan diet and lifestyle as I personally find that to be the most healthy and satisfying.”

Vegan Heart
Can you be vegan and get your ice cream fix? Sounds like an oxymoron. But Kapil, Guncha and Kanupriya Wadhwa of Vegan Heart ice creams make it possible. Kapil recalls, “Being a vegan family with our fondness for desserts — particularly ice creams — made us attempt dairy-free ice creams.”  His belief turns a popular idiom on its head. “We believe ‘You eat what you are’ not ‘You are what you eat’. A fit and a happy mind is bound to be drawn to food which is healthy.”

Kake It
Khyati Shah a former advertising professional wholly committed herself to baking after cooking and baking for friends and family. They simply wouldn’t stop talking about her Nutella hazelnut cake! “I started experimenting with healthy flours and ingredients and started making vegan and gluten-free products; the idea was to make healthy more accessible,” she says. Her many-flavoured cookies, cakes and granola all subscribe to her philosophy.

Aishwarya Nair Mathew wears many hats. As the founder of AMAI she hopes to wean you away from fast food or highly-processed ingredients. The word loosely translates to ‘sweet experience’ in Japanese, and the food largely draws from macrobiotics. The ingredients are free of harmful preservatives, left as natural as possible and most importantly aid digestion. You’ll find yourself addicted to AMAI’s chia seed crackers, lotus pops, cocoa cakes, and miso toasts. There are vegan options too! The vegan cheese crackers are unputdownable.


Guilt-free indulgence ought to be the norm. Especially when Eat-A-Whey’s fudge brownies or orange and almond flour cakes are around! For those 4pm hunger pangs, their protein bars are more than up to the task. (Think dark chocolate hazelnut bars!) They even go so far as to make keto ice creams (salted caramel, coffee, or mocha anyone?), flourless crackers, and protein packed cheesecakes.


Find them at Le Mill, all day on April 13