Bhumika Arora on Breaking Rules and Crossing Over

3 years ago

Model of the moment Bhumika Arora was an integral part of Le Mill and Nirav Modi’s Fall 2016 lookbook, Fall Into Me. The crossover star is as humble as she is striking. We caught up with her in Brooklyn.


On her retro moment: “Everything was stunning. Amazing outfits, incredible jewellery, and beautiful Brooklyn streets. My favourite part was shooting with the vintage car – a very elegant and retro moment for me.”



On bending the rules: “I did a few different shoots on the beautiful streets of New York, London, Paris and such. It’s always fun. Once we were shooting in London at night, outside a museum, and the production didn’t have permission to shoot after a certain time. So we had to sneak around a little bit in the drizzling weather, which made the whole shoot really fun.”


On her go-to shopping spots in NYC: “My favourite area is Soho. There are tons of options and all the stores are close to each other.”



On breaking new ground: “It has been beyond amazing. I’ve loved and enjoyed every second – the work, the travel, meeting talented people from all around the world (including some of the biggest names in the fashion industry). It has been such a blessing and way better then I imagined, and I’m so glad I got this opportunity to fulfil my dream.”


Photographer: Yelena Yemchuk. Stylist: Nikhil Mansata