Bite Into Bombar Breads, Bombay’s New Obsession

3 years ago

We all have our kooky ways of dealing with withdrawal symptoms. For Mumbai’s Shivani Bhansali it meant baking soft, cheesey, pillow-y breads that take her right back to Brazil.

Bhansali, who currently shapes marketing strategies and events for Le 15 Patisserie, fondly remembers her time in the south as an exchange student and Portuguese-English interpreter. Whipping up pao de queijo was her way of bring back a memory.

The name Bombar, is a play on ‘bomba’ – Brazilian slang for ‘something awesome’, which it really is! Made with tapioca flour and cheese the dough balls are gluten free goodness.

At her pop-ups, she teams them with flavoured butters. Think melt-in-your-mouth flavours like wine and shallot, garlic, rosemary and basil, and even chilli butter. Plus, they’re served fresh off the oven. Pair them with your morning cuppa or beer, Bhansali recommends. (“Brazilians are very proud of their beer – and they drink it so, so cold. It makes a huge difference.”) Keep an eye out for her next pop-up, and follow her on Facebook for leads.