Bright Indian Fashion Now at Le Mill

5 years ago

The emerging voice of Indian design speaks to a certain freedom, modernity and consciousness without having to scream. Its quiet but charismatic confidence is palpable in the work of Bodice and Shift, two undeniably Indian brands with universal sensibilities that can be understood and worn anywhere in the world. Founders Ruchika Sachdeva of Bodice and Nimish Shah of Shift champion an innovative approach, working with indigenous materials to create clothing with a long life ahead of it. The evergreen, season-less element makes each piece a beautiful, sound investment.

Bodice and Shift are the kind of brands we like to get behind, and their Spring/Summer 2015 collections come to Le Mill this month. In celebration, we ask the designers (and friends) to tell us what they love about each other’s brainchild.


Based in New Delhi, India, with its flagship store in bustling Hauz Khas village, Bodice has pioneered a polished aesthetic that continues to play with ideas of modernity and exploration. Ruchika Sachdeva, has constructed a recognisable identity for her brand, through integration of androgyny and the reinvention of classics into transitional wardrobe staples.

Nimish Shah on Bodice:

“Bodice is fuss free and yet edgy. Its urban uniform-like feel is a great medium to break a dressing pattern. Ruchika lends a zen quality to her clothes making them fairly mature and arrived. Oddball proportions, underplayed classic shapes seasoned over time – it’s all very artsy and charming.”


Shift presents a range of sophisticated separates that are instilled with a sense of modernity to create novel expressions. Classic design is expertly blended with offbeat detailing and exquisite prints. Collections are made in its Mumbai studio, with a passion for conservation and use of craft blending with current times and fashion ability.

Ruchika Sachdeva on Shift:

“I love the old-world charm that comes with Shift! Nimish has a way of making clothes look like they belong to the modern urban woman and someone very stylish from the ’50s at the same time. Meticulously made covetable options, but never over the top.”