Christmas Done Right with No-Mad 97% India

2 years ago

’Tis the season to give your home a little do-over courtesy No-Mad 97% India’s new collection. We caught up with No-Mad’s Creative Director Valérie Barkowski, and got a closer look.

What was the inspiration behind the new collection?

“I was inspired by several things. Tattoos fascinate me; for ages, they’ve almost been a common language of sorts, all over the world. Somehow I wanted to transpose this on a textile collection. I have also remodelled an existing style, inspired from Moroccan fez embroidery.

I looked into Jain cosmology, at some point, and I was interested by the idea and the graphic interpretation I could give to it. I wanted somehow to dig into Indian culture, since my previous collections have borrowed inspiration from other countries.

I am most drawn to ideas and stories that continue to live and evolve with time in a collection.”

(Photographed by Sohil Lalani) 

Why did you decide to go with a monochrome palette?

“Since the origin of No-Mad 97% India I have worked with colours with collections focused on red, black, purple, blue, pink, and so forth… I like it when collections evolve, and when there is a certain continuity, in that the fact that customers can mix and match what they have bought with new styles. So the colour palette is an extension.”

If you had to browse the collection for gifts, which would you pick and why?

“The olive collection for the table because it is bright and warm. Nice to team with green pieces, candles, gold or copper elements.?

I have always loved the Indian thali tradition and that is how I imagined trays inspired by them. We make them in in several colours, copper even. I like their simplicity, and the fact that they work well for a simple lunch or for a festive table.?

I also like black tables. Here, I have used very simple and natural elements but for a festive table – black cutlery and nice glasses.

We have also added bed covers to the collection. I like the combination of all the fabrics and the different sources of inspiration. India, tattoos, Morocco.”

What would we find on your Christmas table this season?

“Whether it’s for a festive meal or a regular day, it’s most important for me to have quality products, fresh and organic, on my table. To cook them in a simple way to highlight the taste of all the ingredients. I like to have a lot of candles to create a nice atmosphere, and natural elements to set the table. First a glass of champagne with several homemade dips. This time I think we will cook a pumpkin soup and serve the soup in the pumpkin itself. Maybe a saffron risotto and for desert a Moroccan sweet pastilla with chocolate and orange.”