Five Minutes With Celebrity Fitness Trainer Cindy Jourdain

2 years ago

After cutting her teeth at the English National Ballet and the Royal Ballet Company in London, Cindy Jourdain moved to India to train actor Katrina Kaif. Slowly but surely, she transformed Kaif’s physique with her time-tested techniques. Soon, she made Cindy’s Bootcamp available to a wider audience by launching her very own space, Beyond Studio (Bandra), dedicated to fitness, wellness and art.


She’s practically consumed by it, too. “I manage and supervise every aspect of the business. It’s a brand new venture, so I juggle between still teaching my classes, hosting meetings, recruiting and training new staff, and strategising. I spend a lot of time with trainers, coaches, teachers, leaders, brands, dancers, actors, collaborators and clients to try and understand where everyone fits and how I can facilitate the best training or crack the best deal.”


When she’s not at her studio, she can be found choreographing or doubling for Bollywood. In her spare time she also coaches the Nike Training Club, and sponsors an amateur football team for the premiere league of the Roots Football Academy. Despite her chock-a-block schedule, we got her to share her life hacks and some of her favourite things.

Cindy's Bootcamp, Cindy Jourdain, Celebrity Fitness Trainer Mumbai
Cindy Jourdain

What does your personal workout regimen look like?

“I train myself at the studio and often put myself through my own bootcamp. At other times I train with our different experts at Beyond. I can also get on the road and run, or sometimes wind down with some yoga and meditation at home.”


What do you do in your downtime?

“My hobbies at the moment are taking me over the sea link, to the race course, to ride twice or three times a week. In time, I want to learn how to play polo.”

What are your favourite haunts for healthy eats?

“I love Bandra’s village culture and community and it’s been fascinating to see all the healthy cafés and restaurants opening one after the other. I have been spoiled all my life with healthy options back home in Europe. Regardless of where I am in the world, the first place I will always look to for wholesome and nutritious food is in my own kitchen. I love to stop by these hot spots in Bandra for my ‘usual’…

Kofuku for lunch: Seaweed salad, edamame, tuna avocado cream cheese Californian rolls or the grilled salmon bento box

Pali Village Café for dinner: John Dory with sautéed spinach and broccoli

Kitchen Garden for breakfast or lunch: Avocado toast, the DIY salad, or kale juice

The Blue for dinner: Tom Kha, or papaya salad

Sequel for breakfast: Daily dose of Vitamin C smoothie, or coconut yogurt with granola


What are your five tips to become a better morning person?

Get plenty of sleep.

Early to bed early to rise.

Have a wellness and fitness goal.

Enjoy a night and morning ritual (something at home you look forward to and would hate to miss).

Stay off alcohol, nicotine, sugar, caffeine or any other heavy stimulants


What’s your go-to, sugar-free treat?

“I love my chia-seed pudding with homemade coconut milk and fresh strawberries or fresh figs. Or a homemade frittata with lots of veggies like spinach, zucchini, bell peppers and such. I’m also partial to my almond and cashew hummus with coriander and lemon. Green tea, tulsi tea, vitamin waters and aloe vera juice are my essential detox drinks.”


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