Decor to Design: Print Clash

4 years ago

The past decade saw fashion become more regulated; set rules framed our dress code. That was until the last two runway seasons, when designers rejected this way of dressing and focused fashion on individuality rather than silhouette. Today, we are all faced with the daunting and pressing task of expressing ourselves through our dress; pairing shoes with an A-line dress just wont cut it anymore. Separates are the new king.

The easiest way to get into this new mood is by looking at the new trend of purposely mis-matching prints and colour clashing. The best place to get inspired is in the pages of home magazines where decorators have been mis-matching stripes with flowers long before Alessandro Michele did at Gucci.

Print clash celebrate the influence of interiors on fashion and we’ve curated three of our favourite décor to design trends.

Muriel Brandolini is best known for her charismatic mix of bright hues, vintage sensibilities and contemporary furnishings. The inspiration here is preppy prints in floral tones.  An easy way to introduce powerful prints into your wardrobe is to actually pick less powerful prints that is, using smaller prints to create an illusion of a more streamlined look.

India Mahdavi is an interior, object and furniture designer who uses her nomadic life as inspiration. We see her combine geometric prints in exciting ways that have been appropriated on runways season after season. Stell McCartney provides a stunning display of geometry facing off.

The rich exoticism and orientalism of Jacques Grange’s interiors are balanced out with contemporary design and modern taste. The Chateau Gabriel is a late 19th century Neo Gothic mansion decorated by Grange, was once owned by Yves Saint Laurent. Dries Van Noten has been mismatching prints for years and showed us how to integrate watermelon, yellow ocher, kingfisher blue and purple into our wardrobes without a colour wheel to guide us.