Designer Rosetta Getty’s (Many) Firsts

2 years ago

Los Angeles-based Rosetta Getty dresses some of the best names in Hollywood. It would have been remarkably easy for this model-turned-designer to simply create dresses for this lot, who choose never to be seen in the same outfit twice. Instead, she subscribes to the idea of a minimal, modern wardrobe, with a strong focus on collectability and greater wear.

This means that you’ll often find a specialised edit, of reversible clothes (which can be worn front to back, or inside out), or clothes without trims and closures which offer the wearer more freedom to style the fabric any way they like.

Getty’s approach to her clothes makes them nothing short of wearable art. Which isn’t surprising given that she’s also a keen collector. In fact, Getty's even gone so far as to weave together art and function, via a collaboration with artist Alicja Kwade for her recent fall collection.

As you can imagine, we’re thrilled to have Rosetta Getty drop anchor at Le Mill. We caught up with the designer on her firsts:

When did you first want to become a designer?

“The idea of becoming a designer came very naturally. I was always interested in art and culture. I remember being very creative with my surroundings when I was a kid, I expressed myself through the way I dressed.”

Your first mentor?

“I did not have a mentor, I was more of a streets kid. When I think now what taught me the most, it is the culture, the movement, different cultural icons that I was aspiring to.” 

The first artist or piece of art which inspired you?

“The first artist that inspired me and left a mark in my memory is Robert Motherwell. I remember purchasing his piece at an auction when I was 18.”

The first work of art you bought?

“One of the first artworks I ever bought was a photo by Wolfgang Tillmans.”

The first celebrity to wear your design?

“I am very flattered that a lot of powerful and inspiring women have been wearing my designs. I don’t exactly remember who wore it first, but Alicia Vikander, Patricia Arquette, Greta Gerwig and Beyoncé are definitely amongst the first celebrities to wear the brand.” 

What was your first modelling assignment?

“Early in my career I met and began working with the photographer Paul Jasmin.”

The first ‘It’ bag you bought?

“The first ‘It’ bag I bought was the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. I had it in so many colours and sizes.” 

The first book to leave a lasting impact on you? 

“One of the first books to leave a lasting impression is Letters To A Young Poet by Rilke.”

The first major lesson you learned as a designer?

“I learned so many… One of the most important lessons is trusting my intuition. I know we need to listen to the customer, follow the business strategy, but some decisions come naturally and you need to follow them.”

Rosetta Getty Resort ’18 is available at Le Mill