Edward Lalrempuia Shares His New Music Finds

3 years ago

When Edward Lalrempuia isn’t shuttling to Milan or Paris for fashion weeks or to exotic locations for shoots, he’ll be found tinkering with his DJ console. Between juggling his duties as the fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar India and stylist to Priyanka Chopra, he churned out some happy tunes for a Gucci event.

“Gucci was my first really proper gig, which was amazing. I know the head of public relations of Gucci India really well, and I happened mention that I DJ a little bit, so she casually asked me to play for their party. I was super stoked that she had so much faith in me.” From the looks of it that went well, because he was back to spinning tunes for a party hosted by H&M Conscious at the recently-concluded Amazon India Fashion Week. “I guess it’s been a matter of being at the right place at the right time. I definitely want to do more,” he says. We decided to get to the bottom of his playlists:

What’s your way of discovering new music?

“I actually don’t use too much of SoundCloud. I use Hype Machine a lot and TuneIn Radio, but my favourite tool actually is Shazam; anywhere, anytime, be it bars, stores, clubs, restaurants and even fashion shows. It’s the best way to find out what you are listening to.”

Which places in Delhi would you hit up for good music?

“To be honest, I don’t step out much but if there are any events done by Wild City then I sometimes go because they always get the cool DJs to play.”

(Photograph: Saahil Taksh / Instagram)

Have you come across any runway shows with great music?

“I work very closely on the music when I style runway shows, so I pay a lot of attention when I attend other fashion shows. My favourite at the moment is Versace 2016/17, cool music and a really cool set.”
Which new artists or albums have you gravitated towards, recently?

“I like individual tracks rather than entire albums, so I think this playlist covers most of the new artists I’m listening to. I have been obsessed with Oscar and the album though.”