Everything You Need to Know About Indianama

2 years ago

Indianama, is the brainchild of Delhi-based studio Animal. Every successive year, the project presents a new visual perspective of post-Independence India. Indianama has travelled from New Delhi to London Design Festival and New York even. As the exhibition – and collection of 70 posters – comes Kulture Shop (Kala Ghoda) this weekend, we caught up with the co-founder of Animal, Kunel Gaur:

How did Indianama evolve from the first edition in 2016 to the next?

For the first edition we assigned a specific year to various artists, who would then go on to research what went down in that year. They picked a turning point that stuck with them, and translated that into an artwork which was framed within the map of India. 

For 2017, we looked outward. We wanted to understand what artists even outside of the country would make of emerging India. And we wanted to tell that story through tourism posters, because we felt that it was a space which hadn't been explored for a long, long time. 

If you were to google “Tourism posters India” you'd likely see material between 1920s and the '80s, from back when Air India would commission artists to design calendars or posters. Or then you'll find the Incredible India campaign, which again is just full of photographs. We laid out 70 subjects and awarded them to different artists. Like a typical tourism poster, ‘Indianama’ headlines every poster – and they’re all of a standard size.

What was the format of the works presented?

Last year it was just print, but this year we went with stills as well as motion poster versions of the same. We were sure that we wanted to share the pieces on social media, and we wanted them to have a life of their own. The artists were free to make a gif, an animation, or a video – anything that suits their style, so long as it’s dynamic in nature. We even ended up projecting all 70 of the looped videos in East London’s Rich Mix gallery.

What are you presenting at Kulture Shop, Kala Ghoda, starting this weekend?

We’ve commissioned only one print per artwork – and that’s what we’re showing at Kulture Shop. The limited edition posters will also be on sale. There’s about 58 prints available right now.

What are your plans for Indianama 2018?

We intend to work on a grassroots level. (We’ll be revealing more details on the website Indianama.co shortly.) We plan to work with people who have no access to design practices and production. We’re aiming to create 71 different case studies.