Fanny Pack: Fashion’s Favourite Comeback Kid

2 years ago

After becoming almost ubiquitous in the ‘90s, the fanny pack went into hibernation and re-emerged not too long ago with a posh makeover. It’s unmissable, even if it’s variously called a hip pack, bum bag, belt bag, waist bag, and of course, fanny pack.

If we’re truly diving into the timeline, then it goes well before Christ. No really, as far as fashion throwbacks go, this goes way back. Right back to Ötzi Iceman, the man who lived between 3400 and 3100 BC, and whose remains featured (among other things) a humble waist pack stuffed with his tools.


Fanny packs officially entered the Oxford dictionary in 1963 — the ski patrol was known to carry their first aid kits on their person. In the 1980s they went off piste, and appeared on the street along with that other waist-friendly attachment – the pager!

The slouchy nylon or neoprene versions have made way for their decidedly polished cousins. If the predecessors were sporty and normcore, the millennial takes are more adorned.

It helps that they come with waist-cinching powers, and can be fastened over blazers or a coat. The fashion pack even chooses to wear them cross-body style over a jeans-and-tee combo, which lends them a sportier vibe. Flip through, for some inspiration.