Funny, Witty and High Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

2 years ago

We’d be lying if we said we don’t find most (if not all) our inspiration and daily motivation on Instagram. Our morning routine involves: A hot cup of cappuccino, the morning papers and a scroll through Instagram to see all that went down while we were sleeping. Here’s a list of funny, witty feeds that mix social commentary with fashion flashbacks.

How many times have you revisited Sex And The City and felt like the gang is still very much on the money? Take Carrie’s view on scrunchies (not in line with Balenciaga, FYI) for instance, or Miranda’s refreshing realness. If Charlotte went underappreciated back in the day, this account fixed it with its viral #WokeCharlotte series. From casual racism to white privilege, nothing escapes Charlotte 2.0's radar. The feed chronicles every outfit on SATC with a pithy take on modern issues. No wonder its 4,34,000 followers include Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda Hobbes).


What's the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism? The London-based duo behind Diet Prada, Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, force you to think. As fashion's fiercest watchdogs, they've called out heavyweights like Dior, Guess, and Victoria's Secret and promise to pull no punches.


What makes for Instagram gold? A million witty images packed into one feed. Designer and illustrator Benjamin Seidler knows his way around Photoshop. He super-imposes fashion looks from the runway onto pop culture icons so perfectly, you’d think they’re real. Just look at Cher Horowitz (Clueless) wearing modern-day Versace or the queen of Netflix’s The Crown sporting some Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2018. 


Julie Houts is a full-time womenswear designer moonlighting as an illustration artist. Her book, Literally Me is an illustrative commentary on the everyday eccentricities of a woman’s life. Think selfie-dilemmas, exiting awkward conversations and lying about your ETA when you still haven’t left home.


Sidney Prawatyotin went from being a PR whiz to tinkering with Photoshop, image apps and coding. He devotes himself to plucking looks off the runway, and planting them in everyday situations to meme-worthy effect. His politics aren't far removed from his posts, and we love him for it. Examine how Kellyanne Conway seems to be pointing to a model wearing the same Gucci coat as her. Or this one, made after Trump's infamous declaration about global warming, featuring models in Balenciaga puffer jackets that are so right for doomsday.  

By Akanksha Kamath