Get Perfect Summer Hair with Neha Nagpal

4 years ago

Rossano Ferretti has founded over 20 salons across the world and is revolutionizing how people think about hair. The Method, created by Rossano and Lorenza Ferretti, is a style of cutting hair that focuses on the natural fall of the hair allowing the stylist to customize the haircut for each client. The Four Seasons Hotel Bombay houses the salon and is led by Neha Nagpal who has spent over eight years working with the Rossano Ferretti team.

We sat down with Neha to talk about her tips for perfect summer hair.


Le Mill: What are your top summer hair tips?

Neha Nagpal: Before you talk about hair styles or products, you need to ensure that your hair is clean. That means your shampoo and conditioner play an important role; if you haven’t done this correctly then your hair is simply going to fall flat. Oftentimes clients tell me they have oily hair when in reality, they just haven’t washed out the conditioner thoroughly.


Always make sure you’re using the right products, shampoo is only meant for your scalp while conditioner is meant for your hair. For example, when I wash my hair I apply shampoo on dry hair and then emulsify with water to create lather. There is a misconception on the amount of shampoo one needs to use, professional shampoos especially are quite concentrated so nothing more than a dime sized amount.


What products do you recommend using to fight frizz and humidity?

The kinds of products you use are very important in order to achieve your best hair. Whether it’s your blow dryer and hair brush or shampoo and hairspray, each hair type reacts differently. Getting a professional consultation on this makes sense. We spend so much money on dermatologists, face creams, serums and cleansers that it’s only natural we pay the same amount of attention to our hair- after all, you wear it every day!


A tip for fighting frizz is to blow dry your hair with a small nozzle pointed downwards rather than upwards as this flares up your cuticles and creates frizz. By pointing the nozzle downwards, you’re smoothening out the cuticle.


Any particular products you recommend?

I love the Rossano Ferretti complete hair range, they have sulfate free products and honestly they are excellent. The Grandioso shampoo and conditioner work like a dream and volumize hair instantly. The Kerastase Oléo-Relax range is great for beating frizz without weighing your hair down. They also have this root lifting gel called Lift Vertige which apart from providing volume and hold, also protects from UV rays and the heat. For a quick lazy-girl trick, Schwarzkopf’s dry shampoo is a miracle worker.

With constant exposure to the sun and pollution, hair gets damaged and is often neglected. What do you suggest for when one is going to be in the sun for an extended period of time?

The same way we use sunscreen on our faces, there are sun protection tools out there. Kerastase actually has an entire Soleil range to protect against sun exposure. For those of us who love the beach, myself included, why not throw on a scarf or lovely hat to protect your hair? These little creative ways look great and really help avoid sun damage.


Tell us a little bit about the Rossano Ferretti way of styling hair.

We don’t follow trends, the whole outlook here is that we want you to embrace who you are. That you wear your hair rather than wanting someone else’s look or style. When it comes to styling, everything we do is very effortless and moves with you naturally. Part of my job is education, for example if you have curly hair rather than straightening it every day we want you to love your natural texture and help you learn how to style it. Overall my main piece of advice is to invest in a good haircut. A good cut will get you more mileage than any blow dry ever can.


What are some great summer looks?

Personally I love messy updos and braids, they can look natural, messy and are great for the summer. Colour is also big and the right colour can actually transform your entire look. I always suggest a more natural shade rather than something dramatically different as this will enhance your skin tone and features.

You can make an appointment with Neha in Mumbai here.