Healthy and Delicious Food Swaps with Sequel

4 years ago

In 2015, after completing a six-month sabbatical, Vanika Choudhary decided not to go back to work. She had other plans. Less than a year later and Vanika is the face behind Sequel Bistro, an all-day, healthy dining experience located in Bandra. “I’ve been eating clean for about five years now, and that means organic, gluten, refined sugar and starch free.” Vanika wanted to share the recipes she had been cooking in her own kitchen with a larger audience, and that’s how Sequel was born.


We’re all trying to eat better but sometimes it seems like unhealthy food is just easier to access. We wanted to dispel the myth that healthy food can’t be accessible, tasty and wholesome by swapping out common junk food for healthier options.


Swap sugary drinks for one of Sequel’s freshly made cold pressed juices

There’s juice and then there’s cold pressed juice. What’s the difference? When fruits and vegetables are put through a cold pressed juicer, the juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients because of the hydraulic press. Therefore, no nutrients are lost as no heat is used during the entire juicing process. A sugary juice or soda is full of empty calories and spikes up sugar levels temporarily before crashing. The whole idea at Sequel is to eat wholesome food with exciting flavors. Therefore, all of their juices are designed to be both delicious and nutritious. The Deep Cleanse juice is full of fiber, Vitamins C and K because of the red cabbage and pear. We love the refreshing kick added by the mint and lime.

Swap a bowl of noodles for Sequel’s Mixed Signals salad (avocado, zoodles, cherry tomatoes, baby lettuce mix, organic cranberries, Kashmiri walnuts, feta in organic extra virgin olive oil, lime, honey dressing)

Sequel’s philosophy is to eat gluten and refined sugar free food that is minimally processed. Processed food is convenient though not necessarily good for your health – snacks like this are full of hidden sodium, fats and sugar that provide no nourishment to your body. The Mixed Signals salad on the other hand will not only appeal to your taste buds with fresh, vibrant flavours but will also provide your body with good fats that comes from the avocado and walnuts. The organic honey and lime dressing is tangy and slightly sweet combined with the tartness of feta cheese. This not only packs a major flavor punch but the organic cranberries are full of antioxidants while the zoodles provide the much-needed dietary fibre. Swap the packaged for the fresh and delicious.

Swap deep fried falafel for Sequel’s Piece of Cake (oven roasted organic Peruvian quinoa, tender kale, organic flax seeds, nuts, organic Provençal herb cakes. Served with roasted tomato salsa)

We’re swapping traditionally deep fried falafel and patties for Sequel’s vegan main course with organic Provençal herbs, crunchy quinoa and nuts with peppery kale for bursts of flavour. The tomato salsa adds a tangy warmth that makes this a filling and protein rich dish. People love falafel despite the fact that it is often full of preservatives and high in cholesterol. Sequel has created something that is full of flavour yet leaves you feeling alive rather than weighed down. This is a great option for a post-workout meal.


Swap chocolate chip cookies for Sequel’s Chocolate Lust

Satiate your sweet tooth with Sequel’s answer to dessert. Rather than waste calories on regular cookies that come full of gluten, sugar and butter, the Chocolate Lust is a guilt-free alternative. This one is for all those dark chocolate fans. Made with almond butter, 70% organic, vegan dark chocolate from Mexico and organic Peruvian cacao; the Chocolate Lust hits all the right notes with the perfect balance of sweetness from dates and crunchiness from the almond butter.

You can visit Sequel at Shop No.2, Solace, 33rd Road, Bandra West or call  +91 75064 77710 for more information.