House of MISU Girls Pick Their Insta Heroes

3 years ago

For the second installment of our #InstaInspiration series we spoke to two ladies who are probably the #InstaInspiration of thousands — 98,300 and counting — girls across the world. Mitali Sagar and Summiya Patni’s take on fashion, jewelry, and friendship prove that to succeed in this business you need to carve your own path rather than follow the herd. We asked the social media stars which Instagram accounts they go to when they need some inspiration.


Mitali Sagar Picks


I really enjoy how light-hearted Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert’s sense of style is while still being very high fashion. She can literally do no wrong with her unexpected ensembles. Even her random real life shots are engaging and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.



Negin is very real and, of course, super gorgeous. The way she styles her wardrobe comes off as effortless and natural. There is something almost idyllic about the life she portrays on social media.



I don’t know anyone who doesn’t follow this account for their daily dose of humour. From the best memes to seriously hilarious videos, @thefatjewish is perfect for when you need a good laugh.


Summiya Patni Picks


This account curates stunning images from around the world. It makes me want to travel and feeds my wanderlust.


The Stepford wife in me responds surprisingly well to this easy peasy cooking account. Apart from making your mouth water they also share recipes and tips to help you around the kitchen.


One of the most iconic women in the fashion world, Italian fashion journalist Anna Dello Russo has such a unique and sometimes OTT take on fashion, it really inspires me.