How Re/Done Makes Vintage Denim Impossibly Cool

2 years ago

What’s the longest you’ve gone without turning to a pair of jeans? A week? A month, at best? One way or another you always return to your old, familiar pair, worn-out in places you can’t remember and frayed at odd angles – yet, somehow, your go-to.

Re/Done elevates the humble pair of jeans for women. The luxury, designer jeans label based in Los Angeles, takes vintage denim, rips it apart at the seams and reconstructs it for the present day, leaving its essence intact. In case you missed it, the label is now housed at Le Mill exclusively. (And yes, we have them ripped jeans!) Let’s count the ways in which it’s special:

It began with one big idea.

Founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur in 2014, it’s known for giving iconic 501s a high-fashion do-over. It all blew up after an Instagram account got the word out. “We made 150 pairs and started an Instagram of girls wearing vintage Levi’s. We did a shoot with Bella Hadid, back when she only had 1,00,000 followers, and we started teeing up some of the images of what was to come and our following grew,” Barron told Glamour. Their e-shop was launched at midnight, and they were sold out by the morning. So they had to have known they had something special on their hands.

No two pairs are ever the same.

It’s basically like landing a rare flea market find, but better because it feels very relevant. Because the denim is repurposed, two pairs may fit the same but will never be identical.

It’s a good shot at sustainable fashion.

Like Barron points out, Levi’s rakes in a few billions in sales every year. Safe to say, they’re ubiquitous. By putting them back on the top of your shelf, Re/Done makes a serious effort to keep heritage brands relevant, while giving the sustainable fashion movement a shot in the arm.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid spotted in Re/Done

The fits are downright incredible.

It’s taken a lot of work, but they nailed it. “Now we know which sizes go together…that for example we can make a 38 into a 27. We measure the waists again, because after 20 years of wearing jeans they aren’t the same size anymore,” Barron tells Not Mad.

Supermodels can’t get enough of it.

That Alessandra Ambrosio wears Re/Done, shouldn’t come as any surprise given that she’s dating Mazur. Their list of loyal supers also includes Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner.