Julie and Cecilia on Their Instagram Loves

4 years ago

Instagram is Le Mill’s favourite app (of 2016, anyway!). We’re obsessed with updating our account and we’re always posting things that we love at @lemill. This week J&C share who they love to follow.

Julie Picks


I love everything about the style of this real professional of the digital world. Miroslava Duma shares pictures of her work, travels, family and food. Her brilliant sense of style comes through in every shot and it’s hard not to get sucked in.



Owned by Cassandra Karinsky, Kulchi is a store which sells home furnishings in Morocco and Sydney. The account is super well-curated and shows not only products but also styling and contemporary décor.



This is the Instagram account of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat (who has 85.4k followers, and counting). Everything is super tongue in cheek, very funny and very unique to Karl’s sense of humour.


Cecilia Picks


JJ is a friend of mine and has a really great account. It’s very spontaneous and natural and full of vintage inspiration. A lot of what she posts is very Italian, she truly exudes Milanese style.



Dia is a friend and artist, she does incredible work where she’s been looking at in-between spaces. These include waiting rooms, grocery store aisles and restrooms. She’s also a photographer so her imagery is exceptional.



Ramya Giangola is a brand consultant; I love her sense of style and travel shots. She shares very real images of her life. She also curates a lot of vintage images which add a nice break.