Julie and Cecilia Pack for the Summer

4 years ago

Come, sail away with us. We’re taking a look at where J&C are heading for their summer sojourn and what they’re packing. Julie and the Leymaries will be sailing down the Turkish coastline on a caïque, which is a traditional Mediterranean fishing boat. Cecilia is also exploring the Mediterranean coast and will be spending some time on the bright island of Sicily.



Today I am packing for a dear friend’s wedding in Panarea, Sicily.


The wedding is over the weekend. I’ve packed some Dries Van Noten printed pants with a ruffle blouse to wear on the Friday night for the casual dinner. I am a big fan of the exaggerated pant this Summer, and going into Fall will wear these with skinny knits. If it gets cold at night, I will layer a Dries embroidered bomber jacket.


For the wedding, I will wear this off shoulder black and white dress. I think it is finally ok to wear black to a Western wedding. I didn’t for so long, but I needed an excuse to buy this knitted wonder from Mc Queen. Because I will have to wear flats (Panarea has no cars and is cobbled), I am adding a bohemian touch with this Proenza clutch. The silver balls are an ode to the Sicilian baskets and pom-poms. I will partner this look with some old Indian jewelry I am borrowing from my mother in law.


I am officially addicted to Lisa Marie bikinis. I don’t know how to wear any other. The studied corsetry means they are flattering and ok to swim long lengths. If I have to choose a trend to wear into Fall, I would say tulle. This Dries skirt is my pick from our current in store collection.


The printed silk dress was made for me by my superstar friend Marta Ferri in Milan. It is based on a picture of Romy Schneider I saw and fell in love with. Marta sourced this vintage print and made the dress in her atelier.



This summer, i am going to my family house in ‘Ile de Ré’. It’s an island on the French Atlantic coast.  We’re leaving the car because it’s all about biking on the island. For the beach, I take Liberty bikinis from Bonton for my two daughters. Bonton has great apparel for kids; I also pack Lancaster sunscreen, Celine sunglasses and my favourite Chanel flats. They’re Chanel’s take on the Birkenstock and they are incredibly comfortable, a perennial staple. I can also wear them at night with a long, pleated, Mary Katranzou skirt or during the day with my Alexander Wang shorts.


After the island I’m going on a boat around Turkey with my best friends. We have a tradition where we leave the kids at home for a week and take a trip with our friends. My Maison Michel hat is a must to battle the Turkish sun while this vintage Gabrielle Geppert white dress is perfect for evening drinks. Gabrielle has the best vintage store in Paris, if you’re ever there, it’s in the garden of the Palais Royal.


My Olivia Dhar embroidered jacket is my favourite travel companion and a great piece for the summer. I wear it with a denim Stella McCartney dungaree or black shorts.