Label to Love: Ulla Johnson

2 years ago

As mercury soars, we’re reaching for floaty sundresses. Good thing we just brought New York-favourite Ulla Johnson to Le Mill! The label turns a ripe 18 this year, and over the years this mother-of-three has perfected her relaxed-yet-polished aesthetic. Johnson sounds like a woman after our own heart. Here’s why we love her so:

She understands fabrics

Johnson, a student of psychology and women’s studies, veered into fashion. Her mother was an archaeologist, and an avid collector. You can trace her passion for textiles to her mum, and her travels. She likes to make her fashion accessible, and her choice of fabrics play a large part in this. They’re soft, drape your form just so, and often simply ethereal.

She adds a new dimension to ‘bohemian’ fashion   

“If I had to say what the vision of our brand is, it’s that our clothes make women feel free,” she told Vogue. But Johnson also knows that you can only take so much of those printed dresses. She pays great attention to detail – so you’ll find beautiful, cascading ruffles, lace-up details, buttons and openwork weaves which are employed with a careful eye for overall construction. Did we mention her pieces are produced in Peru and India?

She got noticed by the big guns

Johnson has slowly risen on the fashion charts, but her early breakthroughs are worth noting. Barneys was the first major retailer to pick up her designs, and put her on the global map so to speak. The label made its New York Fashion Week debut in September 2014. Oh, and actor Jennifer Lawrence absolutely loves her work; she gave it a shout out on national television after her look went viral on Twitter.

Find Ulla Johnson at Le Mill