Le Mill Picks: Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2020

3 months ago

Calling the art collectors and nerds for the Mumbai Gallery Weekend commencing this today, on till January 13th. Clear your schedule and enter new worlds with riveting exhibitions, panel discussions and mingle with emerging artists from across India. This year we’re hosting our very own showcase of Kolkata-based sculptor Kageswar Rout in collaboration with Project 88. To help you navigate the gallery map, we’ve curated a list of exhibits to keep an eye out for. Check out the full Mumbai Gallery Weekend schedule here.


Chemould Prescott Gallery: N S Harsha | recent life

N S Harsha’s solo exhibition will be the first solo show at Chemould in over a decade. Harsha considers himself an observer to agrarian life’s challenges and strives to explore the humble pursuit of defining the space one occupies amidst the vast and infinite cosmos.

This exhibition is on till February 13th.



Project 88: Mahesh Baliga | It’s a Normal Day

Mahesh Baliga’s 15th solo exhibition ponders on the concept of normal. “Is normal the adjective of norm? Does it mean conformity with the norm and does normalisation mean to make/make to seem normal?” ponders the artist. The personal bleeds into the political as Mahesh grapples with the concept of ‘flexible normality’ in his work.

This exhibition is on till January 29th. 



Jhaveri Contemporary: Manisha Parekh | The River Inside

This is Manisha Parekh’s second solo exhibition at Jhaveri Contemporary Gallery. Parekh uses liquid’s shimmering movements as a visual metaphor for  desire in this conceptual show.  The sensuousness of water, its tendency to yield, and its forceful ability to overcome, serve to highlight acts of creation and living. Deeply personal and intimate, it’s hard to not be moved by her work.

Zeenat Nagree and Manisha Parekh will do a walkthrough of the exhibition on Saturday 11 January at 11.45 am.


Chatterjee & Lal: Riten Mozumdar | Imprint

Riten Mozumdar left his body in 2006 after a career spanning five decades. Scholar Ushmita Sahu revives his forgotten legacy in never-before seen archival material including namdas, furnishings, dress and sarees, scarves, design samples, wood blocks, metal dice for jaali work, drawings, photographs, paintings and more. Mozumdar was a significant figure in India’s modernist designer renaissance. He was featured at the‘Living India’ show at MoMA, New York, in 1954-55 and The Scandinavian Design Cavalcade in 1956-57 among countless prominent artists.

This exhibition is on till February 29th.