Le Mill’s Resolutions for 2020

5 months ago

We’re ringing in a new decade, Instagram is blowing up with “new year, new me” posts, but we all know life doesn’t magically transform when the clock strikes midnight. The Le Mill team shares their new year plans and talks New Year’s resolutions they’ve already failed to keep to dampen the guilt of lost promises and hopes for a collective laugh.

Cecilia Morelli-Parikh (Co-founder) 

“My New Year resolution was not to make one so I wouldn’t break it. But I broke that resolution by deciding my resolution would be to wear lipstick every week day.”



Nandita Dalmia (Marketing & PR Manager)

“A resolution I always fail to keep – To stay healthy year after year! What I did – I took off to Europe for a white Christmas and New Year. Instead of celebrating one night on NYE, my celebrations continued for two weeks. What more could I do to ring in a new decade?”



Varsha Nair (Assistant Marketing Manager)

“To learn the art of cooking has always been one of my NYE resolutions. And every year that passes, I master the art of failing at keeping up with this so-called resolution.”



Isha Rana (Executive Graphic Designer)

“NYE was all about ‘me’ time! I stayed up illustrating and when the clock struck 12, my best friend and I wished each other a happy new year, as I watched the fireworks from my bedroom window, reminiscing on the best of 2019.

My new year resolution is to follow through on plans with friends instead of binge watching TV shows. So far, I’ve finished watching three TV Shows and met no friends.”



Milisha Siroya (Buying Associate)

“For New Years, I spent my time with close friends watching the fireworks from Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Every year, I tell myself  I’ll work out consistently and every year I fail.”



Alisha Bhudrani (PR & Marketing Intern)

“This new year, I kept it low key at a house scene with all my close friends. I was in no mood to go to an overcrowded bar where I’d have to smell everyone’s breath. I feel all resolutions are supposed to be broken but one thing I really want to chalk out is a solo trip.”



Shiv Sawhney (Special Advisor)

“I went to Soho House Mumbai for an NYE party. My resolution is to eat less sugar/sweets but I’ve already broken it. I’m working on losing weight though. 6 workouts a week. 3 days at the gym. 2 days EMS workout. 2 days yoga. Let’s see how long that lasts.”



Yesha Shah (Senior Sales Executive)

“I spent my New Year’s sleeping in and my New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym,” she says, with a chuckle.


Jinkal Jain (Junior Sales Executive)

“I spent my New Years in. I’d like to get into the habit of reading more books and cutting down on icecream.”



Manvi Jalan (Digital Assistant) 

“I’m a Christmas baby and this was my first holiday season in Mumbai but I was blessed enough to ring in the new decade with close friends, both old and new. My resolution was to Marie Kondo my closet but it only lasted a day, so my new resolution is to stick to my resolutions for more than one day.”


We’re all fighting our inner battles to betterment together even if we’re mostly failing but if there’s one resolution we’re determined to keep this year, it’s to change how we shop and evolve into conscious consumers. Watch out for Le Mill’s Checklist of things to consider before you buy.