#LeMillLadies Share Their Plans for New Year’s Eve

1 year ago

#LeMillLadies kick off the party season with their favourite looks from Le Mill. Plus, they share their exciting New Year’s Eve plans!


Bianca Zaveri, jewellery designer  

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? Dubai, with my friends and family. We were at a party at the Address Hotel, after which we were snuggled up in blankets watching the countdown to the most spectacular fireworks show I’ve ever seen.
Plans for this year?
Going to Bali with six of my girlfriends. Can’t wait!
Three things you hope the New Year will bring?
Never really been the type to make New Year’s resolutions but I’m just super thankful to the universe for everything that’s going for me right now and I will continue to be thankful in the coming year!


Gauri Kitchlu Nayar, Managing Partner at Twain Communications

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? This would have to be my honeymoon, five years ago. My husband and I watched La Bohème on opening night at the Sydney Opera House, followed by a spectacular fireworks show, all washed down with a lot of celebratory Champagne, of course!
Plans for this year? Since it’s our five-year anniversary, my husband and I are planning a bit of a special one. We’re combining the things we love – the great restaurants and party scene of Dubai, as well as a few days in the Maldives, one of our favourite places.
Three things you hope the New Year will bring? 2018 was memorable because it was the year our son was born. I hope for a lot more joy for him in the New Year, as well as continued success for my company Twain Communications, and another year of making unforgettable memories, both personally and professionally, domestically and abroad!

Farah Palia, Assistant Editor (Digital) at HELLO! India

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? A rather raucous Dubai celebration which lasted an entire week.
Plans for this year? I haven’t quite decided yet. A friend suggested Baku (Azerbaijan) and it sounds like an interesting place to explore. Excited to start off the New Year with a new experience.
Three things you hope the New Year will bring? Extensive travel, to familiar and uncharted borders.

Priyanka Kapadia, Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue India  

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? Japan. We went to a karaoke bar – it was freezing cold! – and lots of sake was had. The night ended with hot ramen bowls. Also, I got engaged that week in Tokyo, so it was extra special!
Plans for this year? A quiet week away with our closest friends in Alibaug.
Three things you hope the New Year will bring? Create amazing visuals. Hopefully, lots of travel. And to be a fitter and better version of myself (emotionally and physically).

Tanvi Shah, presenter

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? I’m usually working on New Year’s Eve since I present the ATP Indian Open for Sony. I’m away from friends and family, but happy to start the New Year working, on a high.
Plans for this year? I’m usually never home for New Year’s Eve so this time around I just want to spend it with my family in Dubai.
Three things you hope the New Year will bring? Peace of mind. Positivity for everyone in general. A good balance between work and play.



Aastha Sharma, stylist

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? Last year was lovely for me. We spent it at Gili Islands, Bali. It was simple, beautiful and relaxing by the beach.
Plans for this year? Mostly beachside, either Goa or Thailand – still deciding!
Three things you hope the New Year will bring? Positivity, better health and focus.

Rhee Rastogi, fashion designer

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? A last minute Goa plan with a whole bunch of friends from Bombay. Brought in the new year watching fireworks by the beach. Nothing but love all around!
Plans for this year? This NYE will be a very special one since I’m getting married in four days, and it will be our first as a married couple. We’ll be celebrating with friends and family at my partner’s restaurant, The Daily Bar and Kitchen.
Three things you hope the New Year will bring? Tons of Inspiration for my forthcoming collections. Personal growth, both mental and physical. A healthy mind and body. And, of course, lots of travel!

Antara Motivala Marwah, stylist

Best New Year’s Eve ever spent? Capetown, spent with my husband and some of our closest friends. We had this gorgeous AirBnB on a hill, overlooking the mountains and the sea. On New Year’s Day we got some groceries, South African wines and cooked at home – my husband cooked! Our friend set up the most beautiful table, and we just had the best meal in our over-the-top, beautiful mansion in Cape Town!
Plans for this year? We don’t have a plan yet. It’s crazy, I know…we’ll just wing it. It’s between NYC and Tokyo! Let’s see. It’s going to be adventurous, as most impromptu plans are!
Three things you hope the New Year will bring? I have no resolutions (or, at least, none I want to say out loud). I just want to be more mindful, empathetic, grateful and compassionate towards myself, people around me, and the environment. I feel we don’t realise how blessed we are and we should give back any chance we get and preserve what we have.