Loyalty Programme

Lakshmi Menon, Le Mill Loyalty Programme

Loyalty Pays with Le Mill!


Be a part of our exclusive Loyalty Programme.


Is it your first time shopping at Le Mill? We welcome you to the Le Mill family by offering you a flat 5% off on your first purchase.


For sticking with us, we give you points worth 2% of your total bill on every purchase you make. Here are some benchmarks you’ll want to hit to earn additional points:


If your annual bill reaches…
Rs 2,50,000, your points will double!
Rs 5,00,000, take an additional 5% discount on your next purchase
Rs 10,00,000, take an additional 10% discount on your next purchase
Rs 15,00,000, take an additional 10% discount on your next purchase, & during sales.


Oh, and you needn’t splurge to earn points. Here are easy ways to score big:
Log on to www.lemillindia.com and sign up for our newsletters to earn 1,000 points
Bring your friend to the store and earn 2,000 points if they shop worth Rs 50,000.
Earn double the points on your bill issued on the 28th of any month!


How to sign up?
To enroll into our loyalty programme, just leave your contact details with us on your first purchase.
P.S: Are you Le Mill regular? You’re enrolled already!


Terms & conditions:
None of the discounts will be applicable during a sale unless mentioned otherwise.
Points are redeemable within a year from the date of your first purchase.
Special Discounts are redeemable within a year of each benchmark.
The above offers cannot be combined with any other existing offers.


To sign up or get more details, get in touch with our sales associates. Email sales@lemill.in