Meet Dr Sheth’s, the Best Skincare Brand Meant for Indian Skin

2 years ago

Let’s be honest, our CTM isn’t sacrosanct. Our cleansing-toning-moisturising routine should be, but it’s not. So well, we all need products that work doubly hard, to prevent sun damage and repair our oft-neglected skin. That’s where a homegrown skincare brand like Dr Sheth’s comes in.

Dr Aneesh and Rekha Sheth, are the brains behind the brand that understands Indian skin. For the uninitiated, she’s one of India’s leading cosmetic dermatologists, and has helped a number of famous faces look their very best, and he has a degree in pharmacology from New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine.

We caught up with the co-founder and CEO, Dr Aneesh Sheth:


How was Dr Sheth’s born?

“Dr Sheth’s was launched last year, though it’s been in the pipeline for a while. My mom has wanted to launch a product range for the longest time (and even launched one internally, at the clinic) but she didn’t have the bandwidth to scale it up. I have a degree in pharmacology and I’m a pharmacist by training, so I understand the science of it. With her expertise and my technical know-how I figured we could create something, and so we did!”

Why do you believe Indian skin needs a brand developed specifically for it?

“Over one billion Indians in this world, and nothing for us. That’s reason enough! Most of the global brands have done their research and development working with their target group – 25 to 65 year old Caucasian women in Europe or in the USA.

Caucasian women don’t have melanin, and the harsh environment we live in; this combination has its own needs and warrants its own solutions. We live in a different world.”

So given our particular skin types, what are your areas of concern?

“Creating products meant for the Indian lifestyle, like our on the go anti-pollution cleansing spray and our multitasking miracle cream which slows down hair growth. We’re working on concerns that we see unique to India.”

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Excessive screen time is worrisome too. How do we combat it?

“Screen light (or blue light, as we call it) makes pigmentation worse, specifically in skin of colour. It’s so relevant for us since we’re probably in front of a screen whenever we’re awake. We’ve created Indoor Protection Mist: with butterfly bush extracts for safeguarding against the rays, wheat and oat sugars and hyaluronic acid for hydration, and niacinamide and green tea for brightening, and calendula for calming the skin.”

Vitamin C in beauty and skincare products is a huge new trend. Why is it important?

“Vitamin C is an awesome molecule. There’s a ton of studies that validate its use in both anti-pigmentation and repair. I don’t think it’s ever been out of trend – a good vitamin C (like our vitamin glotion) goes a long way in repairing damage and brightening the skin.”


If one takes Vitamin C supplements, should they still go for products with Vitamin C?

“Yes. Oral vitamin C does a lot for the insides, but doesn’t really do much for the skin. It’s very important to have a topical vitamin C regimen as well for it to show on the skin.”

What makes the Dr Sheth’s masks stand out?

“Our sheet mask has seen an enthusiastic response. It doesn’t have the usual serum-like consistency. It’s a nice, gel-cream like texture with the strength of a serum (to hydrate even post application). Our tech neck mask is one of our urban solution products; looking down at the screen constantly causes our skins to sag and lines to form at the neck – this brightens and tightens it.”

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