Meet TOME, a Label Inspired by Iconic Women Through the Years

2 years ago

Known for creating wardrobe staples for the modern woman, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin take inspiration from art and artists, to create beautiful, wearable garments. Interestingly, Lobo who moved from Kolkata to Sydney, Australia, at the age of five is excited to start retailing in India. This season we see the influences of Vivienne Westwood, Barbara Kruger, Mona Hatoum and Annie Lennox in the duo’s Fall-Winter ’16 collection. The neutral palette, understated silhouettes and coats that we want in every colour, are perfect for TOME’s India debut. We were lucky enough to chat with the designers about this season and on working together for over 15 years.

Who inspired your FW ’16 and how did you translate that spirit into your garments?

For our fifth anniversary collection we are feeling nostalgic so our past muses – who have never really left our inspiration boards – are ever present. Louise Bourgeois, Piña Bausch, Georgia O’Keeffe, Shirin Neshat, Ana Mendieta, and of course Madonna (the singer, not the virgin). The spirt of these muses is often in the cut, colour or simply the way we finish a collar or cuff. Nothing is ever too literal.

Since 2011, and the launch of TOME, social media has helped forge a direct connection with the customer. How has this affected your label?

TOME was founded as a collection for every woman and cornerstone to that is being democratic and totally transparent in our process. We love the idea of being able to pass the pieces to the consumer directly, through social media and #SeeBuyWear fashion shows without any sort of filter. This ultimately gives our woman the ability to pick and choose what she loves without any bias. We love it and support accessibility on all fronts.

Who do you count as an inspiration, and who has helped mould your aesthetic?

We’re lucky to have an incredible team of women here at TOME who are present in every detail of the collections we produce. On a more subjective level however, each season we look to the work of different female artists and really inhabit their work for the duration that we’re putting together the collection. So many of the thematic elements of each season are inspired by these female artists and their work.

What is it like to have a creative partnership that goes back almost 15 years?

We’ve been friends for nearly 15 years and have worked hand in hand at TOME now for five. It’s almost symbiotic at this point so we know which bases each of us have covered without having to constantly regroup. It actually allows us to be a lot more creative because although we are working towards the same goals, there is a huge amount of autonomy and trust.

What do you think TOME will bring to the modern Indian woman?

When we think of the TOME woman at her best, she is someone who shares so many of the qualities that make Indian women incredible. She’s someone who has a soft power in her approach to life – she is energized by colour and looks to the details in garments as a way of telling her story. TOME is very much at home in India.


You can shop TOME Fall-Winter ’16 at Le Mill