Natasha Khurana On The Line And Her Plans For 2016

4 years ago

Handcrafted in 18K gold, The Line is a fine jewellery label that uses diamonds and precious gemstones. A proponent of understated luxury, designer Natasha Khurana aims to make fine jewellery more accessible and wearable. Her first collection of chokers, earrings, ear cuffs, lariat necklaces and rings concentrates on gemstones shapes and their repetition.


We’re incredibly excited to retail The Line at Le Mill. In honour, Natasha gives us a quick introduction, taking us through initial inspirations plus what’s on her mind for 2016:

From working at ELLE India to jewellery design …

Growing up, ELLE was really the only fashion magazine around. I loved the thought of working there because it spoke to the person I wanted to be – where intelligence, a sense of humour, and feminism weren’t mutually exclusive to style but they, in fact, shaped your style. Nonita Kalra was the kind of dream editor who gave you the freedom to have your own voice and it fed the way I looked at fashion. The Line is an amalgamation of these two loves: fashion and jewellery.


My family makes jewellery, but I didn’t care about jewellery much until I got involved in the business for a project.

“It blew my mind as I spent my days looking at Basra pearls, old-mine diamonds, Columbian emeralds, stunning sapphires and antique Jade pieces, and poring over details with artisans.”


The Line was one of those “hang-on-why-don’t-I” accidents. It came from wanting to make that beauty a part of the everyday. I wanted to strip Indian jewellery clean of its excesses and highlight the beauty of gemstones and gold in a minimal, modern way.

The first piece of jewellery she ever made…

The Martin gold ring – a chunky, sculptural band of gold. It was inspired by the kind of rings you see on older women in India. For sentimental reasons, it’s the one piece of jewellery I always wear. You might have seen it on Lisa Haydon in the Pantene campaign.

For 2016…

In the tradition of slow fashion, I’m doing one collection a year at the moment. For 2016, I’m veering towards gemstone beads (as opposed to faceted stones) and am very inspired by the use of cabochons in European jewellery.


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