New Year Resolutions the Le Mill Team Intends To Keep

3 years ago

No one is immune to the sense of hope and renewal that comes with the turn of the calendar. For our first blog post of 2017 we decided to ask the Le Mill team to share their resolutions for the new year.



Buying Associate

My resolutions are kind of generic but I think they always apply – I want to eat healthier and work towards being happier.



Marketing Executive

I usually don’t believe in making new year resolutions, but this year, I would like to do at least one thing a month that takes me out of my comfort zone. We tend to play it safe and become complacent and that’s exactly what I’d like to change this year.


Executive Assistant

I want to try to get to office on time because I inevitably come in late. I also hope that I start eating less junk food and exercising more.



My resolutions are to switch my phone off between 6-9pm every day so I can spend more time with my daughter. I would like to fully complete the primary Ashtanga yoga series and work on helping my favourite charity, Educate Girls.




For 2017, I plan to follow my rigorous work-out routine that i started in 2016 with Amélie, the best coach ever. I want to travel to Iran and renovate my guest rooms in Marrakesh so that I can have Cecilia over more often!



Content Editor

I don’t think this is a one time resolution but an overall goal of trying to live a more holistic life. This includes eating well, more kindness, cutting out all that negativity and being more mindful. Oh, and yoga. Lots of yoga!



Digital Manager

I have a few resolutions for the year. First of all, avoid cake, chocolate and fried food; anything unhealthy. Second, to make a to-do list in my diary rather than in my head to make room for new ideas. I also want to spend 10 minutes at the end of the day saying a small thank you prayer. My last two resolutions are to spend more time with my darling five-month-old daughter and try to go on a cruise this year.



Senior Accounts Executive

Try to be healthier by regularly practicing yoga and meditation. I also want to become better at time management and plan my investments.



Accounts Assistant

My resolutions for the year are to travel more, eat less junk food, save more money and turn in early so I can wake up in time for a yoga class.



Senior PR and Marketing Manager

For 2017, my resolutions are to hit the gym every day (though I’ve been making the same resolution for the last decade). Spend less time on my phone, especially when I’m with other people and shop less – probably the hardest to do for any fashion girl.



Senior Digital Manager

It’s only been a few hours into 2016, and I’m convinced that 2017 is 2016 in disguise. Nonetheless, I am hopeful that this will be the year that I beat the clock, find more hours in the day, take up a sport, live frugally, and stay – like Jenny Lawson said – furiously happy.



Inventory Manager

I would like to be more punctual, cut down unnecessary expenses and start focusing on savings and investments. I also hope to spend more time with my child and family, work out more and practice anger management.