#OnRepeat: Songs Team Le Mill Can’t Get Enough Of

9 months ago

If listening to the same old songs on loop has left you all jaded but you’re also too lazy to make an effort to look for new music, we’re here to the rescue. Trust us to give your music playlist a makeover – From pop chartbusters to nostalgia inducing tracks, here are some tunes that we at Le Mill have been loving of late and you need to check out.

Julie Leymarie (Co-founder) is listening to:

Tania Coutinho (Regional Manager) is listening to:

Ramona Misquitta (Deputy Store Manager) is listening to:

Varsha Nair (Assistant Marketing Manager) is listening to:

Shiv Sawhney (Special Advisor) is listening to:

Juhi Shah (Digital Media Executive) is listening to:

Akanksha Verma (PR Intern) is listening to:

Are you ready to give your music playlist an upgrade?