Our Culture Diet This Week

3 years ago

We’re saving you some thumb-twiddling, so you can make the most of the week ahead.


German electronic artist and DJ, Parra For Cuva, tours India with his all-new EP Mood in C. His brand of soulful, ambient tunes is perfectly easy to get behind. Even if you miss the gig, you can always turn to his SoundCloud

When: Friday, March 3

Where: Khar

M Night Shyamalan’s Split didn’t quite do it for you? Give yourself a good fright with the screening of Stanley Kubrick’s classic, The Shining, organised by Matterden.

When: Sunday, March 5
Where: Lower Parel

The Bombay Canteen knows how to tick all right boxes to make a fun evening. Swing by the Canteen Cocktail Party for live jazz – you don’t want to miss Pawan Benjamin on the saxophone – and some G&T.

When: Thursday, March 9

Where: Lower Parel


Fifteen year old Californian singer Billie Eilish tweeted, “Once I’m in your head I’m not getting out,” and damn her she’s right. Her otherworldly voice is equal parts powerful and vulnerable. Give her new song ‘Bellyache’ a listen, and you’ll be reminded of Lana Del Rey.

Tinariwen is a group of Grammy-award-winning musicians you haven’t heard about. The desert rockers from Mali, just dropped a new album, Elwan which you won’t be able to shake off. Did we mention it’s a perfectly good soundtrack for long midnight chats?


Contemporary artist Nandan Ghiya prepares for his debut solo show at Mumbai’s Sakshi Gallery with Studio Portraits from the 22nd Century. The hand-painted photographs mimic the distortion of digital screens, and are meant to evoke the uneasiness of the 21st century.

When: March 9 to April 8
Where: Colaba

Photographer Chirodeep Chaudhuri and writer Jerry Pinto have collaborated on a show called, In the City, A Library for Project 88. The series looks at how books engage with time, and how they respond to use.

When: March 9 to April 8

Where: Colaba