Prabal Gurung on his Undying Love for Bombay and Bollywood

2 years ago

Prabal Gurung began his design career in New Delhi before apprenticing with Manish Arora. His life today is in New York but he carries experiences from his home Nepal and has become one of fashion’s foremost designers. We chatted with Prabal, right before his exclusive trunk show at Le Mill.


Having moved from spheres of hotel management to working with design teams and finally launching your own label, how do you feel these different experiences have shaped your current approach to fashion?

Every job, every experience, no matter how big or small, has shaped the person I am. Working across varying industries and with all kinds of creative minds in different countries has taught me to work with compassion and has allowed me to develop grit and determination to see my vision through.

You’re a big supporter of local and sustainable production. Could you tell us more about why this is so important to you and what it means for fashion in the bigger context?

It is essential to me that I offer luxury but with soul. Sustainability, both in terms of social responsibility and production is at the forefront of our brand ethos. It is important to us that we empower our employees in our studio and at our partner factories by providing equal opportunity. I also have a sense of responsibility to my home country Nepal, to develop a framework that enables the future generations to be successful visionaries and leaders in this world. We’re continuing to work on a number of environmentally and economically sustainable initiatives as well that we are really excited about.


How does it feel to be back in Bombay after so many years?

It is wonderful to be back and I am so thankful to my families at Le Mill, Vogue, and MAMI Film Festival for hosting me. I’m certainly not here as often as I’d like to be!


What does Bombay mean to you in terms of fashion and design?

I design for a woman who is a global, glamorous explorer. Bombay is a key city in shaping this idea. The people, colours, textures, art, architecture and history of Bombay is incredibly inspiring.


Quick takes:

Favourite thing to do in NYC?

This city is filled with great things to do but one of my favourite outings is Shakespeare in the Park.

Top three Bollywood actresses you love dressing?

Alia, Deepika, and Sonam

Someone you want to dress?

Rekha and Hillary Clinton

Favourite Bollywood movie?

I am a big Karan Johar fan but my favourite is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


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