Sabine Heller Fills you with Wanderlust

4 years ago

Sabine Heller is CEO of ASMALLWORLD, founded in 2004 it’s one of the early online social networks. Today, it stands as a trusted international lifestyle community who share experiences and ensure that fellow members can live like locals wherever they go. Sabine, who grew up between India and New York, and whose life still involves extensive travel is its perfect ambassador. With her nuanced insight on places and people, we are delighted to have her thoughts on what makes a good life, wherever it may take you.

 Sabine Heller with Adrien Brody, Freida Pinto, Carey Mulligan and Dianna Agron at ASW events in Gstaad

What is the essence of your vision for ASMALLWORLD?

Beyond building the leading international lifestyle community, my aim is for ASMALLWORLD to give back and impact change collectively. We have a foundation that works with issues around hunger and education.


Your network includes some of the most fascinating people. Who, according to you, has great style?

I think Anna Cleveland is one of the most stylish women around. Her style isn’t about the clothing she wears but about the vibrance, and flair, her personality brings to her look.

Sabine Heller, Anna Cleveland

Sabine with Anna Cleveland

What, in fashion, is exciting for you in 2016?

Honestly, I try to look at fashion less and less about seasons and trends and more about what I like. Why should I let commercial systems dictate my point of view? That being said, I’m loving the off the shoulder, and maxi dresses as well as vibrant colours and Spanish influences.


What is one place you’ve been to recently, that struck a personal chord with you?

I’m obsessed with a place in Ko Pha Ngan (Thailand) that has existed off the grid for the last 30 years. My fiancé has bought a piece of land there that we are turning into a hotel. It’s the place that inspired the book and film, The Beach.

In Corsica, wearing a Bibhu Mohapatra dress

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend is in my house in the countryside, with a few of my closest friends, cooking, listening to music, being outdoors in the summer, or sitting by the fire in the winter.


Your go-to source of entertainment these days?

Photography books


The most memorable meal you’ve had recently?

Lunch at Bouley in NY

Sabine Heller, (wearing DVF), Kick Kennedy, (wearing DVF), Waris Ahluwalia, Camel-mosphere

Sabine with Kick Kennedy and Waris Ahluwalia in Marrakech

An adventure on your bucket list?

Hiking to see the glaciers in Patagonia


Three items you never travel without?

Bathing suit, proper camera, Aesop face cream


A book and film you enjoyed recently?

The Way Things Were by Aatish Taseer, and The Garden of the Finzi-Continis

Feeding the donkeys in Lamu, and The Way We Were by Aatish Taseer


The quote to live by?

Go big or go home.