Your Favourite Bloggers Transform Into #ChloeGirls

4 years ago

Admired by fashion editors, celebrities and #chloeGIRLS everywhere, Chloé is a fashion house established in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. The name of the house was borrowed from a friend: “I thought it was pretty,” she explained later in interviews. “I could not put my name on the label because at that time you couldn’t do that.”

An unabashed free spirit, Aghion (the original Chloé girl) was also known to have said:

“The world was opening up before my eyes, and I believed I could do anything. I felt I had wings.”

Words that have come to embody the brand’s lighthearted spirit. This mix of freedom and femininity toughened by a kind of tomboyish courage continues to inspire the brand, with designer Clare Waight Keller currently at its helm. Her aesthetic interpretation combines Chloé’s French heritage with a sense of modernity – what girls today would be excited by.


Speaking of which, to celebrate the launch of Chloé in India, exclusively at Le Mill, we asked four fashion bloggers to show us how they would style their favourite Chloé handbag. Read all about it on their respective blogs, but first some snippets below:



Mitali Sagar & Summaiyya Patni

What do you love about Chloé’s handbags?

The real question is what is not to love about a Chloé bag. It’s a timeless piece of art which has been designed so perfectly, that it would complement every personality and mood. The clean details and hardware of the Drew and Hudon bags work beautifully with the supple leather. We’re salivating just thinking about them.


How does it enhance your personal style?

It is super versatile – our style is constantly changing with our moods and ever changing trends, making it the perfect addition to our wardrobe. Yes we have a communal wardrobe.


3 essentials in your bag that you never leave home without:

Wallet, phone and a portable charger – one must be prepared for anything and these three things make being prepared feasible.



Aayushi Bangur

What do you love about Chloé’s handbags?

The design – so unique and now so reminiscent of Chloé! I even love the mix of suede and calf leather and not to forget the gorgeous old hardware. There really is nothing not to love about the gorgeous Drew.


How does it enhance your personal style?

Just like my style, it’s the perfect mix of glam and elegant chic. It’s the perfect full stop to every outfit story.


3 essentials in your bag that you never leave home without:

My wallet, a perfume and sunglasses (in the day) and lipstick at night.



Masoom Minawala

What do you love about Chloé’s handbags?

The brownish hue blended with a chocolate tint on a quilted pattern seemed like a match made in heaven the first time I laid eyes on the Faye bag. It only helped that its iconic shoulder bag shape would allow me to wear it with a tremendous array of outfits and transition easily from day to night as well. Also, I loved the chain detail with the ring closure, not too much and not too little.


How does it enhance your personal style?

My personal style is 99% sophisticated with a balanced blend of eclectic and individualistic. This Chloé handbag, with its timeless design and super clean lines added to the ‘formal’ feel I perpetually hold an accent of in all my looks, at the same time, promising to make any look cosmopolitan in a practical second.


3 essentials in your bag that you never leave home without:

My Miu Miu cardholder, Style Fiesta sunglasses and MAC Twig lipstick!



Aashna Shroff

What do you love about Chloé’s handbags?

Chloé has always been a personal favourite when it comes to handbags, especially the Drew. Somehow I feel like I have a distinctive connection with it because it’s in the top 5 on my wish list. I think one can pull it off with almost every outfit, and it’s the perfect size to carry around, be it day or night.


How does it enhance your personal style?

Although I love to experiment, when it comes to handbags, give me one that’s simple and minimalistic like the Drew, and I’m all about it. The colour is very unique yet easy to style with various looks, and that’s what I love about it. It lets me experiment, but keeps it minimal and classy at the same time.


3 essentials in your bag that you never leave home without:

Sunglasses, lipstick and my current favourite perfume.