Shivan & Narresh on Their Instagram Favourites

3 years ago

For our third #InstaInspiration piece we caught up with resort wear power duo Shivan & Narresh. Both artists at heart, their love of design, colour and texture comes out in the Instagram accounts they’ve selected as their favourites.



I simply adore the delicately crafted paper art by them – it displays minimalism with the tone-on-tone models and an incredible understanding of coloured planes in their vibrant series.


Her naive art inspired illustrations are extremely interesting and quirky. She manages to balance skewed perspective angles with brilliantly illustrated cultural elements, humans, animals and flora.


The sculptural artists resonate with the nature-obsessed side of me with a fresh breath of craft blending realism in objets d’art.



Marise is an artist who speaks a language and uses an aesthetic I relate to. Her work has a sense of childlike naivete and innocence which I connect with.


This is a platform where you can find a lot of surreal art that’s related to very mundane topics. The images have a strong sense of identity and combine surrealism with everyday life in a unique way.


Another artist whose use of colour and texture I relate to. There’s a great flatness to her paintings and maturity of colour that serve as great inspiration for both fashion and décor.