Shivan & Narresh Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type

4 years ago

Shivan & Narresh is India’s first luxury swimwear brand and is aimed at making swim and resort wear integral parts of the Indian woman’s wardrobe. Le Mill recently launched the team’s SS16 collection at the Colaba store. The collection is inspired by prominent Mexican artist, Diego Rivera and is an intelligent interpretation of his foray into cubism. Calming hues and eclectic prints make this an ideal collection for any summer sojourn.


Lately, we’ve been hearing the words curvy, apple, athletic, pear and even banana being thrown around when it comes to describing different body types. We caught up with the duo to decode what these really mean, and which of their swimsuits work for each of those fruity bodies.


Pear Shape

Don’t start feeling green already! The pear is used to describe women who are torso heavy and whose hips, just can’t lie even if they wanted to (thank you Indian genes). The idea here is to shift the focus to long legs or those sun-kissed shoulders. Opt for anything that highlights your collarbones, like a one shoulder piece or elongates the legs, such as a diagonal cut maillot.



This is for all those lucky ladies who have slim waists and proportionate top and bottom halves, almost any silhouette works well here. You can experiment with different styles, cuts and colours and pick a bikini for serious sunning or a one-piece maillot for when swimming is involved. If you are slightly heavier around the bust however, we suggest you avoid bandeau style tops.



Athletic or banana frames are naturally lean with long limbs and broad shoulders. Generally featuring a more parallel frame, the goal here is to create the illusion of a thinner waistline so trikini’s work really well. Try to stay clear or halter necklines as this will make the shoulders look broader than they are.



This is when you have a heavy bust, weight around the torso but slim legs. Here the idea is to draw attention away from the stomach, which is why most women shaped like this avoid swim wear however there are lots of flattering options in this collection. A one piece maillot with diagonal designs will direct eyes away from your belly and providing coverage to the bust and bottom.