Surily Goel, Cecilia Morelli Parikh and Kajal Fabiani on Cool Wedding Style

2 years ago

In case you missed it, Surily Goel, Kajal Fabiani and Cecilia Morelli Parikh teamed up to host Memorable Matches –  a trunk show dedicated to delivering a new perspective on wedding wear. We picked their brains for notes on some unconventional (wardrobe) matches, and asked them to share their top three styling tips.

Kajal Fabiani, founder of Kaj Fine Jewellery

Always have a maang-tikka in your jewellery kit. It goes with a lehenga or a long dress even, and it works to amp up your outfit and make it more festive.

Diamond chandelier earrings are fairly universal, in that they team well with western wear – cocktail gowns for instance – and Indian wear too.

Don’t be afraid to work with some sporty sequinned jackets or androgynous coats. It’s unusual but that’s exactly why it will work at a mehendi or sangeet.

Surily Goel, designer of Surily G 

Style over embellishment. So make one piece of the garment the focus, and work everything else around it.

Mix and match. Let’s try and be a bit unconventional and layer the pieces. Can definitely loose the dupatta and replace it with a blazer or a waistcoat.

Accessories are most important, as they seal the look. A statement maang tikka or a palm cuff or a hand chain with a quirky bag or shoes will just be perfect.

Cecilia Morelli Parikh, co-founder of Le Mill

Wear a silk shirt under a soft sari for a slightly vintage look.

Also, big earrings with chokers and no bracelets are a super modern way of wearing traditional jewellery.

I thin a short length with pointed flats that show- it’s a very classic but contemporary look at Indian wear.