Sushant Chhabria Shares his addictive playlist

3 years ago

If he could help it, photographer Sushant Chhabria would only shoot in the clear light of day, against a neat white background, with little or nothing to distract from his stunning subjects. That’s, of course, the ideal. But throw him in the studio with nothing but sharp lights and awkward subjects, and he still delivers clean, minimal images you want to blow up and hoist on your walls.


Little wonder then that the Mumbai-based photographer has had his work featured in the glossy pages of Vogue and ELLE. He has even exhibited at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography (France), after being selected by a jury that included fashion icons like photographer Sølve Sundsbø and designer Anthony Vaccarello.

For inspiration, he looks to American abstract painter Agnes Martin, multi-hyphenate artist Cy Twombly, and legends like Steve McCurry and Sebastião Salgado. He’s fairly old-school too, in that he sporadically posts on Instagram, won’t be found on Facebook, and certainly won’t give himself a text neck anytime soon. He won’t air all his projects on social media either. Not until he’s given them enough time in the incubator anyway. “Earlier it was different. Artists didn’t have a choice but to keep working at their series. You’d hear of them maybe 20-25 years later when it would be showcased. I believe that’s how long it takes to find your voice,” he says.

If you catch him at work, here’s what he’ll likely be listening to:


Photographs: Sushant Chhabria / ELLE India, Juice Magazine