The Best Internet Radio Stations to Stream Now

3 years ago

Playlist in a rut? It’s an easy problem to solve, if you know where to get help. Internet radio is a good place to start – catch tracks as they debut, find new artists to love and of course find comfort in the old familiar tunes with friendly banter to beat. We round up some of our current favourites:

This home-grown internet radio station champions some of the best alternative music and local artists. It’s also India’s first independent community radio station. Once you land on the website you’re automatically plugged in to a commercial-free show, most of which are recorded live. Keep an eye out for Goa-based music producer Luna Toke’s Magic Tea mixes, on which he samples sunny tunes from around the world. The weekend-worthy Booty Bangers lives up to its name too. A Worldwide Thing hosted by RJ and producer of Radar Radio London, IAMRISHA, is dedicated to tossing up underground releases that fall anywhere on the Afro, Latin, Soul and Hiphop spectrum. Once you’re a proper convert, follow on Facebook to join them at the next live recording – ‘Boxout Wednesdays’ are already something of a ritual in Delhi, and ‘Boxout Social’ (held at one of the many Social Offline digs around Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore) is also one to mark on your calendar.

Tune in here:

OVO Sound Radio

The world can easily be split into two broad categories, those who love Drake and those who don’t. Irrespective of which box you fall in, you’ll love his channel OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music. It’s around 130 minutes of hip-hop and r’n’b, delivered in a smooth mix. It’s focused on new material and there’s always at least one new or noteworthy artist premiering their song on the show. Keep an eye out for incredibly fun guest mixes too – we keep returning to the sets by Toddla T (episode 50) and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (episode 48).

Tune in here:

blonded Radio

American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean’s channel is a nod to his first album, Blond. He frequently teases his new tracks on the show, and introduces you to a bunch of under-the-radar names. Already we’ve met names like Vegyn, one of the hosts on the show and also a music producer credited for the slow-burning track ‘Slide On Me’, Ezro the MC who layers spoken word over synths, and the young NYC rapper SquidNice, who hooks you in with his lyrical genius and intoxicating synths. Heavy-hitters like Quavo, A$AP Rocky and Jay Z make appearances too. Episodes are sporadic, but patience always pays.

Tune in here: Apple Music

Soma FM Lush

The commercial-free radio station started broadcasting from San Francisco’s South of Market underground club area, known also as SoMa. It’s the kind of mellow, ambient music that plays unobtrusively in the background. Every now and then, you’ll stop to ask “Oh, I wonder what song this is?” The founder, Rusty Hodge, is an old hand, who’s been playing with the online radio format since 1995. While you won’t find any chartbusting music here, you will chance upon lesser-known fringe artists otherwise restricted to the SoundCloud and music blog universe.

Tune in here: