The Long And Short Of It- What Works Best For Eveningwear

4 years ago

Half the battle of picking a party outfit is knowing how to dress for the occasion. The other half is dressing for your body type. While the latter doesn’t necessarily get easier with time, you can get infinitely better with some effort. It involves paying attention to the nights when you feel like the best version of yourself. When you gathered genuine compliments, and feel an implicit harmony between your appearance and personality. Most often, this comes down to picking a good colour for you and a proportion and length that highlights your best features.

December is the ultimate opportunity to perfect your evening wear look, being a month of special occasions from winter weddings and holiday galas to New Years Eve. Below, we’ve got incredible options that do the season and you justice. And in addition, answers to the eternal question of length from some of our favourite people:


“Long because I have a bohemian vibe – I’m not a sexy, short dress person.

I do it sometimes but I mostly love long, loose, flowy clothes especially in Bombay where it’s so hot.”

Sonam Kapoor, Actress

“Long – it’s more sensual.”

Roohi Jaikishan, Executive Director of RR Oomerbhoy Pvt Ltd

“Always long for me. By that I mean midi-length and below, I’m not a fan of mini skirts, I never have been.”

Nikhil Mansata, Creative Director & Fashion Stylist

“It depends on my mood, I’m open both ways. For this season, something long feels more comfortable in this weather.

It’s also nice to see the shape of a woman’s body when it’s covered through the fabric.”

Lakshmi Menon, Model

“I think short, because I have long legs so I might as well flaunt them. It works for me.”

Gauri Devidayal, co-founder of restaurant The Table

“For myself, it would be trousers. It could have a bit of shine – but trousers.”

Anaita Shroff Adajania, Fashion Director, Vogue India

“Neither, I’m one of those people who likes hemlines a couple of inches above the ankle. It’s a personal preference – there’s not too much thought behind it.”

Ruchika Sachdeva, designer & founder, BODICE

“It depends on the body type but to me short is always sexy and i think eveningwear should be chic but really sexy. So if it’s long with a hot slit like a la Kendall Jenner.”

Tanya Ghavri, Celebrity Stylist