The New Dating Glossary

3 years ago

If you’re navigating the world of dating now – with Tinder, Bumble and what have you – you need to equip yourself with the new lexicon. How else will you know if you’re being breadcrumbed? (No matter how much you like your bread, this is not a good thing.)


Catfish: That Tinder date or Facebook profile which is wholly deceptive. If you got catfished, you fell for someone pretending to be someone else.


Kittenfishing: This is gentle catfishing, wherein he presents himself in a more positive light. The more ‘curated’ his Instagram looks, the further away you should stay.


Ghosting: Sure he’s gone a bit silent, but it’s going well right? It’s comfortable. Till you see him with someone else. You’ve been edged out ever so politely (or awkwardly).


Benching (aka Breadcrumbing): Tad worse than ghosting. It’s when you’re receiving a steady stream of engaging messages, except they’re all non-committal.


Zombieing: You’d think you’d be once ghosted twice shy; not if you’ve been zombied – that’s when the ‘ghost’ returns. Of course, you’re super chill so you’ll shrug like it’s NBD.


Haunting: You thought you were done with your ex, but in the age of non-stop Instagram story updates can you really cut someone out? You know you’re being haunted if he’s out of your (real) life, but eerily around in your digital life.


Cushioning: It works like dating insurance. If you’re a cushioner, you’re setting up your options even before your current relationship is officially broken – you know, so you have something (or someone) to lean on.