The Puma X Balmain Collection is Athleisure at its Best

4 months ago

Luxury meets street in a collaboration that’s truly the first of it’s kind. Athleisure hits its peak with the dynamic Puma X Balmain collection featuring the fiery spirit of Cara Delevigne. Olivier Roustieng and Cara’s synergy as artists and friends is apparent in the story the clothes tell. The stark reds, royal blues and hints of gold woven together in dark mesh takes the classic boxer’s aesthetic straight into glam territory. Accessible, practical and grounded in the spirit of rebellion, Puma X Balmain reminds us that high fashion doesn’t have to be removed from the every day hustle.


The duo’s passion for boxing is a physical manifestation of the internal struggle for freedom we all go through. In this moment in history of global political discord and mass isolation and loneliness #fightthegoodfight has tremendous relevance both on a collective and individual scale. We’re all just two Puma cats circling around ourselves, sparring for eternity, unable to escape our attachments, after all.


We also love that the campaign celebrates diversity with activists, dancers, artists and survivors instead of conventional models to articulate the inspiration behind the collection. Check out the campaign video featuring the stunning Cara Delevigne and Olivier Roustieng spar. (We know you’re drooling over those gold studded sneakers and reversible bomber jacket too).



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