The SS ’16 Accessories You Need Now

4 years ago

It’s been pure delight to observe the refreshing return to accessorising on the runway. Shoulder dusters, tiaras and the choker are currently every designer’s wildest dream. Handbags and footwear carry a bold, graphic and unconventional beauty. Accessories this season are not for the faint of heart so we put together our top picks to help you choose and invest wisely:


The Clutch

Straightforward structurally, designers Proenza Schouler brought the wow factor through design elements. Metallic tones show you’re ready for when things take a glamorous turn. Perforation, on the other hand, indicates a love for sport. White bags dominated the runway: while they do require extra caring for, they’re proof you are in the game to win it.


The Shawl

Janavi’s unparalleled craftsmanship makes it India’s most coveted cashmere brand. These pieces are lighter in weight and appearance – as always, brights, pastels and florals have a cheering effect on colder days.


The Handbag

Likely to be carried everywhere – day to night, office to casual – you’re looking for a shape and colour that’s universally appropriate. If it’s got to be just one, we recommend The Row or Chloe, two brands that combine luxury and personality brilliantly. While The Row speaks to understated, refined luxury, Chloe is a carefree mix of tomboy and girly.


The Shoes

There’s plenty of room to play the wild card as footwear flirts with a variety of moods. Soles are on the heavy, chunky side while colour and print aim to push comfort levels. Amongst this intrepid lot, we think Stella’s wedge loafers are the perfect all-year round shoe.