Things to do on New Year’s Eve

3 months ago

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to dance our way into the new decade. We’ve curated a fun list of things you can do this 31st, whether you want to curl up in bed for a low key evening or dance till the sky bleeds into daylight.

NYE Party at Americano, Kala Ghoda

10pm Onwards

Celebrate NYE at Americano. The classic American comfort food spot turns into a club for one night only. This year, they’re featuring the Mumbai-based DJ Abhi Meer for a night of beat-breaking electronic music, an unlimited premium bar and of course, American soul food.

For more details, call 022 22647700/ 7711 or DM them on instagram.

NYE Night at Masque, Mahalakshmi

For the Bandra girls, NYE at Masque poses a fun alternative to a traditional club. The restaurant transforms into a dance floor with a food truck. Head over for unlimited cocktails, greasy grub and dancing.

For  more details, call 9819069222 or email

Staycation at Mawi Infinitty Villa, Lonavala (and Goa)

Couldn’t get away from the city but need a mental getaway this New Years? Pamper yourself with a staycation at the hidden gem of quiet that is Mawi Infinitty. The stunning property will transport you out of the city and into nature. Hop into the Jacuzzi, take a solo hike, or just soak in the views from your bed.

For details click here.

NYE Netflix & Chill, Anywhere with wifi

Don’t want to leave the house this NYE because you over socialized during Christmas? We understand. Take a breather and curl up with your favourite dinner, wine and binge watch Netflix guilt free. There’s always the classics, like Sex in the City: The Movie, Bridgette Jones and When Harry Met Sally. Or catch up on Fleabag, Made in Heaven or You for some bingeworthy comedy and thriller.