Vox Pop: What Do You Think, When You Think Le Mill

3 years ago

Why break a perfectly good holiday to shop the labels that are available back home? Besides, a tightly curated edit is so much easier to browse. We asked our flock about what sums up the Le Mill experience for them. Happily, they all point in the same direction! Here’s what we heard:

“Sophisticated, understated, and yet captivating. Le Mill goes beyond boundaries to ensure it has a well curated mix in their collection, which suits your need for daily wear or even special occasions. I love the mix of elegant and cool labels. My favourites are Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney – it is a pleasure having these brands available so close to home.

From the first time you walk into the store and lay your eyes on a beautiful dress, to the after sales service – my experience has been effortless every step of the way. The staff is friendly, attentive and proactive. I have visited the Le Mill store and interacted with the staff via WhatsApp several times over the last few years, and have never been disappointed; I love the convenience of the home service. The team really knows how to build a relationship and almost becomes like your personal stylist once they get to know you.

  • – Ami Modi

“In a nutshell, Le Mill is on-trend, sophisticated, beautiful, feminine, and edgy. I do find the edit very easy to navigate. I feel I am perusing the best of the best amongst a crop of designers I find very talented and flattering for the female form.

The service is superlative – better than anything in India and amongst the very best in what you will find overseas. The sales staff is knowledgeable; and home delivery is a huge asset, especially when you’re crunched for time.”

  • – Gayatri Rangachari Shah

From left: Smita Khanna, Gayatri Rangachari Shah, Roohi Jaikishan, Ami Modi and Monal Chopra Sareen

“The collection is for fashion-forward women with an eclectic taste. The best thing about Le Mill, is that it tries to bring in new and unique names. The store delivers on the promise of an international experience. There are key pieces I have purchased here, which I couldn’t pick up on my travels because they were sold out.

I absolutely love shopping here. The team is very warm and that’s one big reason for why I love shopping here. It’s what makes my retail experience so enjoyable! My go-to stylist is honest about what looks good on me and what doesn’t, she also ensures I don’t miss out on the must-haves of the season. It’s nice to have someone help me mix and match pieces to get that perfect look.”

  • – Monal Chopra Sareen

“Cecilia (Morelli Parikh) and Julie (Leymarie) have a keen eye for fashion, which reflects in the curated edit at all times. From an international perspective, the selection is on par. To me the service stands out because my stylist – who’s kind and extremely personable – gets me and my personality.”

  • – Roohi Jaikishan

“I’d describe Le Mill’s edit as universal and relevant. Very much on par with a lot of multi-brand stores. The customer service is the best! I like how it takes the best practices from global stores and adapts them to Indian shopping habits and lifestyle. Love the convenience of shopping here. It far exceeds service standards globally and in India.”
– Smita Khanna