(Wallpaper-Worthy) Flowers for Spring

3 years ago

Yep, we checked, they’re not going away anytime soon. Florals did however undergo a complete transformation for summer – good enough to drape you and your walls.


There are big and bold iterations at Balenciaga, rendered in high saturation on spandex. Dries Van Noten took a turn for the dark by setting a jumble of wild flowers against a canvas of inky blacks.


At Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton went all the way to the Shetland Islands to bring back an assortment she used generously on her line, in an embroidered avatar. We were even charmed by blue thistles printed on cotton dresses – dainty and utterly pretty.



Kaleidoscopic blooms reigned supreme in Saloni’s digital-print heaven — and truth be told, they’ve flown off shelves. They are after all, every bit festive and colourful.


Closer home, Eka’s quiet florals encourage a double take. They breathe a certain softness and vulnerability into a line of dusty pinks and muted beiges. Even péro took a walk down the ‘Forbidden Garden’, and filled reams of silk and linen with refreshing flowers.


We can easily imagine them hoisted on our walls, so we couldn’t resist finding their painterly counterparts: